Sound Restaurant Family

Community restaurants making hospitality happen

Core Values

  1. Service – We are in the business of service; we serve the customer, the community and each other.
  2. Sincerity – We are sincere in our actions and decisions; deceit has no place in our lives or business.
  3. Accountability – We hold ourselves responsible, both as individuals and as a group, to do what is right regardless of ease, with every action and decision.
  4. Community – We are committed to our communities; their health, growth and sustainability are all paramount.

Our Story

Sound Restaurant Family is a group of iconic neighborhood restaurants in and around Washington State’s Puget Sound. While the storefronts have histories reaching as far back as 1933, the Sound Restaurant Family brand was formalized in December 2016. As members of this growing family, we are committed to maintaining the wealth of local history that stems from the culture of dining. We are passionate about people and enjoy exceeding expectations. We are committed to our communities and to improving lives by demonstrating hospitality every day.

“Greeting, seating and demonstrating hospitality; that’s the fun part,” says Tim Tweten, the patriarch of our brand and of the owning Tweten Family. Tim Tweten grew up in the industry, the son of restaurateurs. He gleaned business and leadership practices by both watching and working for his parent’s restaurant(s). Purchasing his own initial brick and mortar business from his parents, Tim Tweten began seeding what would someday become Sound Restaurant Family with his flagship Tacoma store – The Harvester.

Over the years, the Twetens have continued to seek out established community icons, looking to breathe new life into their structures, facilities and people. The people always remain the most important asset of any Tweten business.

Tim Tweten accumulated four additional Pierce County restaurants under his umbrella over the next two decades – Knapp’s, Hob Nob, Burs and Poodle Dog. Tim has since been joined by his two sons, Jonathan and Dan, in the running of this growing family business. The Tweten brothers have proudly expanded Tim’s already successful group by two stores as of December 2015, bringing on Powerhouse Brewery & Restaurant as well as Coastal Kitchen.

The Sound Restaurant Family